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Valeriya, 26

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I am a very romantic person. I see beauty in every little thing and I think, that a woman is the most tender creature, who needs to be defended by a man. I think, I am a bit old fashioned. But that is what makes me to be induvidual. I do not like to be like someon, but I like to be myself. I enjoy a lot living in the place of the European beauty. Prague is the place, where you can see the real beaty of the Europe and you will fall in love with it at first sight. I believe in eternal love and I hope to feel once that wonderful feeling. As a romantic person, I like to spend my time romantically too. What can be better, than reading a nice book in the late evening. You just lay on your bed, relax, take your book and transfer into another world, which is still unknown for you! I also admire watching the arhitecture of my city. That is something tremendous - every building seem to be an independent kingdom - so proud and great. Sometimes, when walking in the city - I feel, like I am somewhere in the fairy-tale.


Czechia, Prague