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Vanessa, 25

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People often appear in my life who constantly want to teach me something and prove something in this life. But this is my life and my rules and only me to make certain mistakes. I am confident in life and firmly confident in my goals and beliefs. Loving yourself is one of the important factors, because if you do not love yourself, then no one will love you. You need to appreciate this life and every opportunity that is given to you. Recently, I thought about the fact that I want pure, sincere love. I want trust and mutual feelings. I like to clean the house and sometimes I can clean for hours. I also like to make girls more beautiful and I am interested in the profession of hairdresser. So far, I do haircuts only to relatives and friends, but soon I will master this profession perfectly, because I have huge desires to achieve this. I often spend time with my friends, we discuss the past day, read books and interesting films. In the evenings, I like to get myself a warm bath and enjoy the moment.


Colombia, Santa Marta