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Vera, 26

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How would I describe myself? That’s tough. Let’s see – I am a 25 years old psychiatrist who loves long romantic walks and having deep conversations about life and it’s meaning haha. What else? A caring, loving, honest, real, loyal and sensitive human being. A happy, bubbly girl, who smiles like a kid, enjoys little things and spreads positive vibes. I keep my curiosity level always high & remains positive because my blood group is also A+ :) !!! I guess I’m just a simple girl who is aware of her flaws, learns from her mistakes and has a beautiful soul. You know it’s funny, the way you see yourself is usually so different from the way other people see you. So I guess that the best way is to talk to me and decide for yourself, and believe me I am really interesting and can talk about every subject! And I promise that it won’t be boring! :)


Serbia, Aleksinac