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Irina, 28

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I consider myself wise and witty enough for my age. I feel that I have rebuilt my life and started everything from scratch, now I am closely engaged in my education and am sincerely happy. Perhaps I am a little know-it-all, as my relatives say, but I am not offended, you cannot find out exactly everything in this world. My passion is psychology and I fully study and master in this direction, I dream of my own clinic of psychological assistance. It is not accepted in society to talk about such problems and I think that this is not correct, why we can calmly talk about physical health and about sex, but are afraid to express our feelings. Each of us needs support. I believe that before looking for a person in your life, you need to take place yourself, not only materially, but also spiritually. I'm not a dramatic person, it's easy and I think it's interesting to communicate with me!


Ukraine, Kyiv