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Anastasia, 28

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I am a woman and I think, that word means a lot. Is not it? I think, the most important features of a woman is being wise, ability to love and care, feeling of compassion and tenderness. I am a lady, who complies those principles. I like to be in the centre of last news. I am ready to forgive, if the person admits her guilt. I am not God to judge someone, but I like to communicate with those people, who are successful and have some goals. Love for me is an art, which can not be comprehended by people, who do not have any idea of it. I like to watch documentary movies and to supply my brain with some useful information. I like to read about different historical events, as I think, there is no future without past. Self development means for me a lot, so when I have free time I always try to find some new hobby. I like sports especially the feeling, when moving. I follow the healthy life style, as I am a future mom.


Czechia, Prague