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Amma, 26

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It's okay, life doesn't have to be perfect. It should just be. I am a romantic girl who is fond of life, who is cheerful, kind, loving. I like to help homeless animals, homeless people too. I am friendly and ready to help. I am faithful and loving when I am in a relationship. I am devoted and able to support my man in any life situation.I enjoy nature and life. I can compare myself to a flower, a charming garden rose. It is beautiful, attractive, sweet-smelling. But sometimes the thorns of a rose can prick if you take it incorrectly. The most important thing for me is family. I am a woman not for career, but for a family. I adore cooking. I think any woman should cook nice to please her man. I have my own recipes of many dishes and can surprise my partner. To keep myself in good shape, I prefer dancing and stretching. I think dancing makes me sophisticated and stylish. I also like to grow flowers, it gives me energy and makes me happy.Pole dance and salsa give me a lot of passion and keep me in a sexy mood


Kenya, Nairobi