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Anastasia, 30

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I am generous with my time, wisdom, and resources. I am a woman of my word and I follow through with my commitments, whatever the cost. I willingly serve others and extend a hand to those in need. I manage my priorities and time well – understanding that I can only serve others after I have taken care of myself. I am well-groomed and maintains my health. I am very sociable, I can keep a conversation on any topic. I do not ask too many questions and not tell people about their shortcomings. I can laugh at myself. I try to look positively on many things, because we are setting yourself up for a certain result. I try to make people happy, because it is the only way I can feel myself happy. I am a very active person. When I have free time, I will find what to do. I play paintball with my friends, not as often as we would like. Paintball guns are much like real guns but use little balls filled with paint as ammo. This allows people to use paintball guns to simulate battles and shoot against each other safely.


Spain, Barcelona