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Anastasia, 26

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From an early childhood I was demonstrating impressionability and sensitivity.😊 I cannot be angry and I am sincere even with those people towards whom there is a grudge. This is hard for me to show my feelings as I am afraid that people can take advantage of my weaknesses and play on my experiences. But on the contrary, I always listen to my interlocutors, help them, do not refuse advice - this is my character. I am principled, not deviating from my principles even in the most stalemate situations, defending my opinion to the last and not allowing anyone to impose his own opinion on me. Being with friend, as people say, “face to face,” I can turn into a relaxed, cheerful, sometimes even restless person, into a laughing woman at every little thing and sowing positive around. I am nice to everyone and easy to compromise. I do not know how to sit still and always come up with new things.👌


Poland, Warsaw