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Evfrosinya, 26

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Some people say, that I am as sweet as honey. Well, that is true. I am always kind with everyone and I like to communicate with people. I think, life is awesome - why not to live it with a smile from day to day?! I have rather calm and loyal character. I do not like to have conflicts. I prefer to solve all the problems right after they have appeared. I like, when everything is in oder and arranged. The most important for me is always to have dear and close people by my side, because only they can support me. I wish to find true love and to make the life of my loving man even brighter. I like to spend my time, walking in the city, admiring new and new picturesque landscapes. I enjoy that feeling of freedom and easiness inside my chest. I look at the beauty of nature and architecture and just get lost in them. I like to play football, when my friends go out - we always have fun. I also like to swim - when water touches my skin - I feel like in paradise - I wish one day to see the real ocean and to swim in it.


Czechia, Prague