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Tatyana, 26

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How do you think what smart and beautiful lady missed in her life? Right you are! I missed a man and love! But what is love? Is it just bare passion and desire? I believe Love is deeper though these feelings are involved too! I believe that love includes much more - it is a feeling which we can enjoy between Scarlet O'Hara and Red Batler in Gone With The Wind where everything - passion, desire, love and hatred and passion again- are mized in one! Is not it perfect combination? When you can laugh, cry and love each other unconditionally all the life long? When you are everything for each other! Do you believe that you wife can be everything for you the best friend, best housewife, best lover? I can prove it to you! Just write me and check! ;)) How do you imagine your first meeting with the lady from another country? (With me) Are you going to come to me soon when we start communication or are you the one who likes to talk long time before we meet? But how would you like it to be?


Ukraine, Zaporozhye