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Anastasia, 25

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Don`t be afraid to read this information, I promise not to put you asleep with what I will tell you ) I believe it is very important to create a happy and friendly atmosphere at home to make us always be in a hurry to come back home. I have been told I know what men want! We can check it one day) I am still young, but mature enough to understand what is important in life and relationship. I can hold different conversations and we will always have some interesting topics to discuss. I am sociable, curious woman and I am interested in psychology, music, art, history. I am not super-smart, I am not a pretty looking encyclopedia on long legs but I really like to get to know something new, and I am not afraid to ask questions if I haven`t understood something. I am energetic and life loving, I am not used to look or behave miserable. But I am purposeful and if I want something, I will get it. Maybe I will want you? Write me and we will find out) I can talk for ages about my hobbies and what I like to do in a free time. I really like to study foreign languages. I enjoy learning traditions of other people, other nationalities. That`s why I have registered here, I believe it will be very interesting and easy for me to communicate with a man, move to his country and invite him to Ukraine. I adore traveling and I believe that a travel to another country is like a little life, quite new and fancy. It is interesting for me to communicate to different people, and I believe nobody is boring. I can`t live without sport and work out. I try to visit gym regularly not only to keep my body fit and sexy, but to keep it healthy because I believe that health isn`t everything in our life but all other things go out without health. I wish you to be healthy, wealthy and married ) Write me and I will make you married)


Ukraine, Lvov



Height173 CM
Weight40 KG
LivingBy Myself