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Andrea Vanesa, 26

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Every day I encounter the fact that it is difficult for me to cope with myself. It is generally difficult for me to be single, so I try to surround myself with people who love and appreciate me. Every day when I come home, no one is waiting for me and it oppresses me. I want my house to be full of comfort, warmth, love and simple human family happiness. It is important for me that beloved people create an incredible family atmosphere in the house and love each other. I believe in fate and that I will soon find my man nearby. Since childhood, I loved to play with friends at school. I sat down all my friends, gave them notebooks and taught them mathematics or writing, then I collected notebooks and put up grades. Since childhood, I really liked the profession of a teacher and when I learned, then I realized that I wanted to teach people. I really like my work, because I lay down the knowledge necessary for an alien person. In my spare time, I like to read books or enjoy watching a film in the company of friend


Colombia, Bogota