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Yasmina💐, 27

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.Always choose the most difficult path - you will not meet any competitors on it. ❗️ First impression of me is that I am a conceited and overbearing person, but they change their minds after a few words with me. I am actually a shy and introvert girl which needs a bit more time to relax in the company of strangers, but after a certain time when I am sure that is that company right for me, I give my best for that friendship❤️ I am outgoing , communicative, open-hearted, and honest person. I am sincere and always listen, understand and support the person who needs my help. I love to read and to visit cinema.I love to explore the world, to travel wherever possible. I want to know how and where every little man of this world lives. I love outdoor activities. Running in nature is ideal. I like cycling along the paths of the fresh forest. Open-air gym. In the evening, I like to read books, listen to quiet music, drink tea and plan my next day.👍


Saudi Arabia, Medina