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Ivanna, 27

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I am an open minded, honest and a caring. I do consider myself to be a romantic woman. I think that romance is more that just about buying flowers and candies. I am a little old fashioned and I believe in opening doors for women and pulling out a chair for a women.I have many friends and it’s easy for me to be on the same wave with many people. My profession is an architect in the future. My dream is to work for the good of the city and the people. I live in Barcelona, it is certainly a delightful town, but there are places that can be better. I hope this is the responsibility will lies on my shoulders. I love to travel, in my family there is a tradition - every year we visit a new city in the world, it's all different cities. This year I dream of visiting Dubai. I was in Prague and Brazil. I played basketball since I was 8 years old, so this is my highest growth are explained. I have participated in many competitions.


Spain, Barcelona