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Katerina, 29

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I am young woman but i think that i already have some experience in people and i realize what is good and what is bad and how people need to treat each other. I put family values on the first place and i know that even the best job can't warm you in cold night, so its better to put family and relations on the first place then your career or some other things. I judge people according to their actions and not just what they say, because people can promise everything, but only few will follow their words and do like they say. I am the person of my word and i try to be sincere and honest with everyone around me. I have my friends and i know that i can trust these people because they trust me. I consider myself like very open woman and i dont play with feelings and emotions of other people, because i dont want to be hurt myself. My mother was telling me that at first you need to be sincere with yourself and then with the whole world. I try to do this.


Ukraine, Kyiv