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Deana, 23

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I want to introduce myself as an active listener, open-minded, empathetic, self-aware and curious - yet humble woman. My friends tell me that I am a sharp person. As they say it is someone who is smart and quick-witted. Well, I guess I am) I consider myself a knowledgeable person for my years. I am interested in exploring everything new and I think it is necessary to know a bit of everything. There is not a universally agreed upon definition of what intelligence is, but I think I am) Oh yes, almost forgot, I have a good sense of humor)Drawing is my biggest passion in life. I draw since I remember myself. I create drawing illusions that will leave you in a state where you cannot be sure which is real and which is drawn. At least I am on my way to it! I attend drawing courses and I meet with other people who draw as Gods) I like to spend time in nature, to take photos and I try to draw the realistic picture after that.


India, New Delhi