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Irina, 28

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What does love mean to me? This is when you put his needs above your own, when his smile makes you happy, when you care about the person, when you want to make him comfortable, or some little surprise, some kind of gift, and even make dinner and meet him from work, make coffee to bed, or wrap up when he fell asleep! For me, love is to listen to a person, to compromise, to be the best friend! Always support your man, respect and understand! But I also think that everyone should have their own time, where the couple can be with their friends, or on their own, or something else! For me, trust is also important, without it it will be difficult to build a relationship, but I I believe that there is still my soul mate in this world with which I will feel peace of mind and happiness! Therefore, if you read it and smile, don’t wait to let me know!


Ukraine, Vinnytsia