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Svetlana, 29

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Only you can dream about so romantic lady as me. Do you like to wake up from kisses? I will do it! Do you like to get the breakfast into the bed? I will do it! Do you like watching at the star sky in the summer? I will do it with you! I want to share my romantic flow with you, my darling! Have you ever eaten sandwiches, which have the shape of heart? Haha :) I know how to surprise you :)) What do you do in the evenings? We can watch your favorite movies together! Can I put my head on your legs? :) You know, my favorite film is “Knocking on Heaven’s Door”. Have you ever seen it? If no, it will be the perfect reason to meet each other in the real life, but if yes, we must re-watch it together! :)) Whether I hint that our meeting is inevitable? Definitely yes! :)


Ukraine, Lviv